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    Pure Madness gets a Brabus Steering Wheel w/ Paddle Shifters

    Last Thursday, I ordered a Brabus steering wheel w/ paddle shifters for my 2011 "Pure Madness." (pics of car listed in Smart of the Week, and in the Gallery). So now my car is "Pure Madness, and one part Brabus." Just waiting on the 2011 Brabus tach & clock, and who knows where I will go from there.
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    Looking good!
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    How did you get the paddle shifters to work on a Pure?

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    All smarts are set up for paddle shifters, with a module at the tranny I think. (All smarts come with the same engine & the same transmission). It's just that my Pure just came with A/C, & a AM/FM radio. So when I went to Smart Madness last summer, I had them add a nice sound system. Then when I bought the Brabus steering wheel from them, I had the tech (Cesar) here at the Smart Center (Albuquerque) install it. My old wheel became non-saleable, because Cesar had to take the "guts" out of my wheel (US), and put them in the Brabus (euro) wheel.

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    Where did you get the Brabus wheel and will it fit a 2009 Brabus cabrio

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