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    Cool 2012 Ambient Lighting Package VS Brabus Ambient Lighting Package

    Hello this is my first post on here I just bought a black on black cabrio 2009 Brabus edition a couple days ago and CANNOT stop driving this crazy thing! Love it. Great gas mileage and alot of socially approving comments.

    Anyways, I love it but it definately lacks more BRABUS tuning for it. I have sort of a lighting fetish and I want to get pretty much any and all lighting/light up accessories for this thing.

    Now I understand that Brabus makes an ambient lightup package using their basic circular 5 LED capsules for the footwells and the exterior (correct me if I'm wrong). But I also see now on the Smart website that they offer new for 2012 an S-Class style EL type interior ambient light up package, amber in color. (and appears a new dashboard to hide the ambient lights)

    So my question is - has anyone retrofitted a 2012 ambient light up package to a 2009? Does it involve getting a new dashboard???

    And can BOTH packages be installed at the same time, for optimal coo maa fam lighting???

    I am going to get the Brabus one for sure, but I need me more info on the 2012 optional ambient package - a VIN of 2012 Smart with that package would help greatly. I can run the VIN on EPC and holla at my parts dept with the work (and by work I mean parts numbers).

    Okay well thanks for any info you may have for me. Holla back !

    PS I posted this on the other forum too but it looks like this is another place to have such discussion, thanks

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    2012 Ambient Lighting Package VS Brabus Ambient Lighting Package

    No matter what I do ambient lighting wont even come on in any color ford help doesnt know dealer doesnt know anybody have this problem isthere a seperate switch or fuse owners manual useless

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