Las Vegas area smarts will meet at Rail Road Pass Casino parking lot to caravan to Lake Havasu City, AZ. We plan to meet up with the California smarts at the junction of the Highways US-95 and I-40. From there we will all drive to Lake Havasu City together. (Jimmy has assured me that according to calculations using his protractor, we will all arrive at this junction at the same moment!)

UPDATE: We have to be ready to leave Railroad Pass Casino by 10:30am for my calulations to work, so be there a little early (10am) just in case you my need to go potty before we leave or if for some reason the Califonia group has somehow managed to make great time and we have to leave early by a few mins. This is and will be a 2 hour nonstop drive, so be prepared, We are lucky we don't have to leave so early in the morning like the California group, so everyone has plenty of time that morning to get their car ready (snacks & drinks) for the drive.

If my calculations are right (and they are Fran) We will get to that intersection within no more than 5 mins apart. This will be a fun drive and a great weekend.

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