hi there, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. im from the usa so my smart may be different I understand say from that of Canada etc. anyway I acquired this car from a friend who could not get it to start or shift. being a mechanic I decided to give it a shot and began to investigate what may be the problems. I found that the worm gear in the clutch actuator was broke off and replaced it with a new actuator. I took it to the dealer and they rebooted the pcm to get to get the three lines to go away and get it started. anyway, I began to drive home and it promply locked in fifth gear. I took it back and I was told the clutch was bad. I had my doubts about that so I took it home and replaced the clutch. as I though there really wasn't anything wrong with the old clutch. the same problem persisted....it will shift up through the gears but on the downshift the trans makes a grinding type of noise momentarily and the on comes the two wrenches and the trans has to be rebooted again. well the only thing left to replace was the shiftmotor so many dollars later I have all new parts but the same problem. I hesitate to disassemble the trans because it seems to be okay while shifting up. what am I missing here????????