Hi Nukleon,

I'm guessing you've read through the thread I started on the turbo, but I'll repeat the here the gist of that thread. I went through some tough times getting the tune down, but am now well pleased with the result. I think I have the science of tuning down, but maybe not the art. That's my way of saying there could be improvements yet to be realized with my set-up, but I'm done.

I think the turbo makes the shift from 1st to 2nd worse than stock, esp. under hard acceleration. On my turbo, I reduced the boost from 10 to 8 psi, and this helped that shift alot. By worse, I mean there is measurably more hesitation in the shift. I measured this with the accelerometer that came in my phone using an app called Torque.

On the freeway the benefits of the turbo s very apparent. I have good strong acceleration all the way up to the 90 MPH limiter. Passing is now easy at freeway speeds.

I'd say the most benefit is around town driving, 3rd and 4th gear acceleration from 3,000 RPM to redline. Much stronger, and more fun to drive.