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    Bike carrier question

    Hey guys,

    I am looking for a Bike carrier for my 2007 451.
    The thing is, I can find lots of 450 orriginal carriers, but no 451??
    Do they also fit the 451?? is the mounting the same?
    I know there is also an option for a universal carrier, but the thing is that here in Holland, I cant find a towing hook (or what do you call it in english?) that fits my 451 (and don't know if its legal do mount one)

    thanx for any info!

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    Hi Juuzed,

    We can understand your frustration, We have a bike carrier that will work for your 451, and the hitch as well. Our only concern is whether the mounting points for the hitch would be different than ours.

    We've provided some images and links to both our Bike Rack and Hitch for you to look over, take a look and if you're interested you can get in touch with our sales manager Joseph and he'll make sure that you're taken care of properly

 - Bike Rack - Trailer Hitch (2") - Trailer Hitch (1-7/8")

    Our Sales Manager's email is his name is Joseph and he'll help you every step of the way, hope this helped!
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    oke tnx, but i realy want to know if this carrier can fit the 451
    Click image for larger version. 

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    because there are lots of them to get overhere, but all of them are in an advert of a 450... so would the mounting be verry different for a 451??

    it would save me a lot of work, to mount the lights etc.. because over here in holland, if you put something in front of your rear lights of your license plate, jou have to mount extra lights, like on a trailer

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