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    SMART MADNESS 453 smart Customized - Pictures!

    Here are the first pictures of our new 453 smart that we are in the process of customizing!

    We have had the car in our hands for only a couple of days, but it was enough time to add some MADNESS to our new addition. Many more mods are planned, but we thought we would share some of the first mods and pics with you...

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    Let the fun begin ;-)

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    A little update on whats going on with the 453 since last week...

    We fit a number of smart 453 specific spacers on the stock wheel/ tire combo to see which would look best.


    The 5mm on the front seem to look good and maybe even a 10mm. We have put an order in for 10mm and should have them within 60 days.


    We offer 5, 17 and 20mm for the 453. If you are looking for the wheel to sit almost flush with the outer fender the 17mm is the way to go. (we will post some pics a bit later).

    Putting the spacers along with our lowering springs not only gave the smart a different look, but it also improved the handling substantially.

    We added a Genuine Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Set which really brought a nice, custom touch to the exterior of the car. A number of other exterior pieces are being painted right now and will be on the car by next week (pics to come).

    The MADNESS GOPedal for the 453 really made a nice improvement in response and our new MADNESS ECU Module gave it a significant power upgrade (info on the module coming soon to our site).


    We installed the new Carlsson Exhaust and then went on to test other prototypes that we had. While the Carlsson one gave the car a refined sound (not loud) which we liked it was not as aggressive as some folks may want. Because of this we have been testing other versions as well, but so far none of them gave us the sound that we were looking for. We are still testing and tuning more options, so within several weeks we should have some options ready and will update.

    Lastly we spent time doing wheel fitments with a major wheel company that manufactures good quality, TUV Tested and Approved Wheels and are happy to say we have some options in stock now that look fantastic! Pics to come...

    There are some other things we are working on now that we will be talking about a little later.

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