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    Higher and Wider?

    So, Ma. roads suck... Between potholes and recessed manhole covers, my Smart takes a daily beating. Do all Smarts have such a pitiful suspension system? What can I do to compensate? My thought is to install a 2" lift kit and higher profile tires. Raising the center of gravity might require me to use spacers to widen the wheelbase. Any thoughts out there?

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    The issue that you have is hard to solve really since you cannot really change the suspension in the car to be anything that would help curb this particular customers issues.

    I think that you're on the right track with getting the larger sidewall tires on the car to start.

    If we get one of our aftermarket 15" tire packages, you can run a 185/55/15 on all four corners which is a lot more sidewall than the stock setup.

    I don't really recommend a lift kit for this application because you are simply spacing the body 2" higher than it's current configuration but not changing the suspension to be more adept at handling the potholes and bad roads in general.

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