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    DIY: smart fortwo 453 ECO Mode Disabler Switch Install

    Disable the ECO mode on your smart fortwo 453 with this easy Plug and Play Disabler Switch!

    The smart fortwo 453 features an ECO mode from the factory that automatically enables when the car is turned on. To some this function can be an annoyance and would prefer that it did not do that.

    Well if you are one of these people then we have the perfect solution for you. The ECO Mode Disabler Switch is a simple plug and play switch that allows you to control the function of your car's ECO mode.

    This switch can be reversed and will not cause any damage to your car's electrical system. Installation is simple and everything you need to install the switch on your car is included.

    With the switch installed you will be able to control the function of the car's ECO Mode, press the switch to disable the ECO mode and press it again to re-enable it. The switch will remember the setting the next time you turn the car on.

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    What does this do for the 5 speed?

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