Howdy Smart Car owners. Kendon Industries is very pleased to introduce a brand-new trailer so you can take your favorite Smart ForTwo Car with you wherever you go.

But this is no ordinary trailer, this is a Kendon Stand-Upô Trailer. Kendon Stand-Upô Trailers are designed to fold up and stand up to reduce storage space by over 75%. When your done towing your Smart Car you can stand your Kendon trailer up and store it in the garage, in a shed, or next to the house. No need for expensive storage units just for your trailer.

Our main market is the motorcycle market. Until recently all of our trailers were designed to haul motorcycles. However, we just designed and launched a brand-new trailer specifically for Smart Cars.

A buyer called us because she and her husband are retired and like to travel the country via motorhome. They have a Smart Car they like to take with them and needed a trailer. They had searched high and low for a suitable trailer but found none. So, with a little work and cooperation between the customer and us, we developed a solution that worked for them, and we hope it will work for you, too.

Call us at 714.630.7144 to lear more or visit our web site at:

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